Admission Requirement for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate in Sweden

Students desiring to study at higher education institutions in Sweden must fulfill the general entrance requirements. 

General Entry Requirements at Higher Education Institutions in Sweden

Successful completion of upper secondary education in Sweden or Overseas 

Selection Procedure

If the number of applicants goes beyond the number of spots available, then in that case, applicants are classified into groups and then ranked on the basis of their qualifications. The highest ranked applicants are given a place. At least one third of all places are allotted on the basis of final school grades and at least one third on the basis of the scores from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test. 

Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test

The Swedish Council for Higher Education administers the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude test. The test assesses the knowledge and skills of the applicants and demonstrates the potential and capability of the students to prosper in higher education.  The test is taken twice per year and is organised by Higher education institutions. It is provided at several locations in Sweden and is only available in Swedish.

Admission to the First Cycle (Undergraduate) Programmes

The first level education focuses on imparting the basic knowledge and skills.
For admittance to the first cycle programme, the applicant must hold a certificate of an upper secondary, i.e. high school education.

Admission to the Second Cycle (Master’s) Programmes

Second cycle programmes in Sweden last for one or two years and focuses on expanding the knowledge base of the students. It strengthens the skills and conceptual understanding obtained in first cycle programmes.
Applicants for admittance to Masters' programmes must have finished a bachelor degree (first cycle) of at least 180 credit points from a Swedish Higher Education Institution or from abroad, or have an equivalent qualification.

Admission to the Third Cycle (Doctoral) Programmes

A third cycle programme enhances the skills, knowledge and conceptual ability learned in first and second cycle programmes.
Applicants must hold a second cycle degree, or completion of 240 higher education credits of which 60 must be second cycle, or equivalent qualifications from abroad for admittance to doctoral programme.

 Application Procedure

Students can register at www.universityadmissions.seand apply for the course and Institution of their choice.
Abide by the following steps:

Step 1: Create a user account

Step 2: Search for courses and programmes of your choice, and know more about them.

Step 3: Fill out and send in your application along with the necessary documentation


Students must submit documentation in support of their application. 

For Undergraduate Programme

Completion of Upper Secondary education with good grades is mandatory to get in an Undergraduate course of study. The upper secondary school-leaving certificate is required.

For Master’s and Doctoral Programme

Following documentations are required:
  • Certificates and degree/diplomas from previous studies at an internationally recognised higher education institution.
  • Transcripts of completed courses and grades semester-wise. This must have the course list as well. 
** These documents must be submitted in the original language. If they are in a language other than English, Swedish, French, Danish, German, or Norwegian, in that case, do provide an official translation. The translation should be in either of these languages: English, Swedish, German or French.

** If your degree was given in Cameroon, Canada, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria, or the USA, the transcripts must be sent directly from your institution.  
  •  Evidence of English language proficiency
  • An identification proof or a copy of the page of your passport having your personal information and a photo.
** An EU/EEA or Switzerland national who needs to prove their citizenship status to be considered free from paying an application and tuition fees, their passport copy must be certified. If you are not a national of an EU/EEA or Switzerland, no need to certify your passport copy.

Additional Documentation for Master’s and Doctoral Programme

  • Thesis and Essay Summaries: Send a thesis report and a short essay summary of maximum 10 pages directly to the University Admissions in Sweden. It should be enclosed with your application.
  • Letter of recommendation: A recommendation letter of two or three people, who know you well academically. This needs to be somebody who can comment on your accomplishments and potential and give an opinion about whether you will be able to cope with a Masters or Doctoral studies. 
  • Letters of Intent: The purpose of the letter of intent is to see whether the applicant’s career and academic goals fit with the programme applied to. The letter of intent must explain limpidly the reasons for opting to this particular programme and university, and how will the degree enable him/her to reach their career objectives. Also, specify one or two research areas in detail to let the admissions department to form a clear picture of your interest area.  
Step 4: Submit the documentation

Please send stamped and signed copies to the admission office. Send them in one envelope to the address specified on the cover sheet. The Cover sheet is available onto “My pages” section on University Admission website
Students with a Swedish personal identification number do not need a cover sheet.

Postal Address:
University Admissions in Sweden
FE 1
SE–838 73 Froson

All copies of original documents must be certified as true copies of the original. Each copy and page must be attested individually and clearly specify: the signature of the certifying officer, the issuing institution stamp or notary public, and the name and address or registration number of the certifying officer. Documents certified by the issuing institution must be certified by the Academic Registrar's Office official representative, the Examinations Office, or the equivalent office that issues degrees and official transcripts of records at your institution. 

Verification: University Admissions in Sweden inspects the validity of the documents submitted, with the issuing institution. 

Step 5: Pay the application fee.

Step 6: Follow-up your application via logging into your account. Know the application status.

Step 7: Check and print out the “Notification of Selection Results”

Once the selection results have been published, you will get an email reminder to log in to 'My pages' at University Admission and check your results. You can take a print out of your result, or save in a PDF format as well. If you’re result is positive, i.e. you are offered a place at the institution, then carefully read all the instructions about registration days, applying procedure for a student residence permit and payment of tuition fees.

Step 8: Reply to the admission offers
You need to reply online to your first “Notification of Selection Results”. If you do not reply, or reply after the deadline, you will no longer have your spot. 

Language Requirements

English Proficiency

For courses and programmes where the language of instruction is English, the admission requisite is the English language proficiency. 
It can be English education proof at upper secondary (high school) level in Sweden (English 6/English course B), or the official scores of an internationally recognised test- TOEFL or IELTS.
  • TOEFL/IELTS results: The official TOEFL/IELTS score must be sent directly from Educational Testing Service (ETS) to the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).
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