Admission Procedure to Undergraduate and Master Program in Sweden

An Undergraduate programme lasts for three years, while a Master’s programme is about one to two years, depending on the field of study.

Abide the following steps:

Step 1: Search for the bachelor and master’s programmes and universities in Sweden at University Admission website

Step 2: Check the admission requirements and eligibility conditions. Each programme is subject to the general as well as the programme-specific entry requirements. 

General Entry Requirements 

For Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) programme

Students must hold an upper-secondary school leaving certificate.

For Advanced (Master’s) programme

Students must hold a Bachelor's degree from an internationally recognised university.

English Language Requirements

For courses and programmes where the language of instruction is English, the admission requisite is the English language proficiency.

It can be English education proof at upper secondary (high school) level in Sweden (English 6/English course B), or the official scores of an internationally recognised test- TOEFL or IELTS.

Programme-Specific Entry Requirements

Programme-specific entry requirements are specified on each programme’s webpage, which is easily accessible through the programme’s listing on the University Admission website
These requirements are related to a particular course or programme.

For Bachelor Degree Programme:
Students who are in their last semester of the upper-secondary school can apply for autumn term. They must satisfy both the general as well as the programme-specific entry requirements. Also, such students must have a merit rating.

**The merit rating is calculated predicated on the student’s completed coursework and grades obtained in the upper-secondary level, and according to this merit rating, students are ranked for the programmes available at the higher education institutions.

Step 3: Check the dates and deadlines at Apply on time!

Step 4: Apply Online
Once you’ve decided the course and university, start applying. Applications for higher education institution programmes are made online through the portal University Admission
You can apply for up to four different programmes at different higher education institutions around Sweden with one central application available on this portal.


Application form: An online application form can be obtained from the University Admission portal.
  • Proof of English language Proficiency
  • Upper-Secondary Completion certificate
  • Transcripts of Completed Coursework and Grades
  • Thesis and Essay Summary (maximum 10 pages)
  • Letter of Recommendation: At least two letters of recommendation
  • Letter of Intent: The letter of intent must explain clearly the reasons for opting to this particular programme and university, how will the degree enable him/her to reach their career objectives, and your interest area.
  • Identity Proof: A photocopy of your passport having your personal information and photo, or some other valid id. 
  • Cover-Sheet: All international students who do not possess a Swedish personal identification number (personnummer) must present their documentation with a cover sheet. The cover sheet includes your personal information along with a temporary ID-number. The cover sheet can be accessed by logging in to 'My pages' on University Admission website
Step 5: Submit the documentation
Please send stamped and signed copies to the admission office. Send them in one envelope to the address mentioned below: 

Postal Address:
University Admissions in Sweden
FE 1
SE–838 73 Froson

*All the documents must be translated into Swedish or English.

Step 6: Wait for the notification
The application undergoes a thorough scrutiny. After the inspection done, you will receive the admission results – the “Notification of Selection Results” on on the date appropriate for your application round.
If you are accepted, you need to confirm by replying “yes” to your notification. 
If you are not an EU, EEA or Switzerland citizen, then you will be required to pay the first instalment of the tuition fee after confirming your approval.

Step 7: Apply for Residence Permit
After receiving the admission letter, Students who are citizens of countries outside of the EU/EEA must apply for a residence permit. The application procedure for residence permits can take longer, so you should apply as soon as you have received and confirmed your admittance notification.
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