National Bodies in Sweden

Sweden has a vast number of national bodies under the Ministry of Education and Science. Find the complete information and details about the various national bodies functioning in Sweden along with a list of important contact numbers.

Government Agencies reporting to the Ministry of Education and Science

Schools, Children and Youth

  • Sami School Board of Sweden (Sameskolstyrelsen): It is the administrative authorization for the National Sami schools and other activities be owned and regulated by the Sami School ordinance.
  • National Agency for Special Schools for the disables (Specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten in Swedish): This agency has takes over the former functions of the Swedish Institute for Special Needs Education, National Agency for Special Schools for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and National Agency for Special Educational Support.
  • Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket): This agency works actively to ensure that the national objectives for childcare and the school system are achieved.
  • Swedish Institute for Children's Books (Stiftelsen Svenska barnboksinstitutet in): It is an exclusive library open to the public and an information centre for young people's and children's literature.

Adult education

  • Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket in Swedish): The main responsibility of this agency is to make sure that adult education are accomplished by every student.
  • Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning (Nationellt centrum for flexibelt larande): It promotes the development of adaptable learning in liberal adult education, working life and municipal upper secondary education and adult education.
  • Swedish Agency for Advanced Vocational Education (Myndigheten for Kvalificerad yrkesutbildning): This agency has been directed by the Parliament to administrate, manage, and supervise this educational system on the national level.
  • Swedish National Council of Adult Education (Folkbildningsradet): The Council allocates state grants to Folk High Schools and Study Associations and also  tags along and evaluates the performance within popular education organisations.

Higher Education

Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Hogskoleverket): The function of this agency is to inspect and promote higher education activities, through evaluation and follow-up of higher education, initiatives for revising quality assessment, assessment of right to award degrees and teaching methods.
The Universities in Sweden: It’s main function is to manage and systemize higher education.
National board of Appeal for Higher Education (Overklagandenamnden for hogskolan in Swedish): Administration and supervision of matters of petition on some decisions made by institutions of higher education (i.e universities).
Swedish Net University Agency (Myndigheten for Sveriges Natuniversitet): It is responsible for the Swedish Net University, which is a coordination project involving programmes given by universities and university colleges in Sweden, IT supported higher education distance learning courses.

Admission and Financial Study Support

Swedish National Board of Student Aid (Centrala studiestodsnamnden): It looks after the management of all matters about the financial study support.
Swedish National Agency for Services to Universities (Verket for hogskoleservice): It carries out the coordinated admission policies to study academic courses at universities and university colleges.
Swedish National Board of Appeal for Student Aid (Overklagandenamnden for studiestod): Administration and management of matters of petition for study support and student aid.


Find below the list of names of various national bodies for the smooth development of research work for students in Sweden
  • Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forskningsradet for arbetsliv och socialvetenskap in Swedish)
  • Agricultural Sciences, Swedish Research Council for Environment and Spatial Planning (Forskningsradet for miljo, areella naringar och samhallsbyggande in Swedish)
  • Swedish Institute of Computer Science, or SICS
  • Swedish Institute of Space Physics (Institutet for rymdfysik in Swedish)
  • The Royal Library (Kungliga biblioteket in Swedish)
  • Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (Polarforskningssekretariatet in Swedish)
  • Swedish Council for Research and Development Co-operation in the European Communities (Radet for forsknings- och utvecklingssamarbete inom in Swedish)
  • Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (Statens ljud- och bildarkiv in Swedish)
  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (Stiftelsen Strategisk Forskning in Swedish)
  • Swedish Institute for Future Studies (Stiftelsen Institutet for Framtidsforskning in Swedish)
  • Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (Verket for innovationssytem)
  • Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsradsradet in Swedish)

International Co-operation

  • International Programme Office for Education and Training of Sweden (Internationella programkontoret for utbildningsomradet in Swedish)
  • Swedish National Commission for UNESCO (Svenska Unescoradet in Swedish)

Important Contact Details of National Bodies in Sweden

  • Ministry of Education, Research and Culture (Utbildnings - och kulturdepartementet)
    Head: Leif Pagrotsky, Minister
    Address: Drottninggatan 16
    SE-103 33 Stockholm
    Phone: 46(8) 4051000
    Fax: 46(8) 7231192

  • National Agency for Higher Education (Hogskoleverket)
    Head: Sigbrit Franke, Chairman
    Address: PO Box 7851, Luntmakargatan 13
    SE-103 99 Stockholm
    Phone: 46(8) 56308500
    Fax: 46(8) 56308550

  • Association of Swedish Higher Education (Sveriges universitets-och hogskoleforbund)
    Head: Bo Sundqvist, Chairperson
    Administrative officer: Bengt Karlsson, Secretary-General
    Address: Radmansgatan 72
    SE-113 60 Stockholm
    Phone: 46(8) 321388
    Fax: 46(8) 329370

  • Myndigheten for Sveriges Natuniversitet (The Swedish Net University Agency)
    Address: PO Box 194
    SE-871 24 Harnosand, Sweden
    Phone: 46 611349500

  • Myndigheten for kvalificerad yrkesutbildning (Swedish Agency for Advanced Vocational Education)
    Head: Sonja Eriksson
    Address: Jarnvagsgatan 3
    281 31 Hassleholm, Sweden
    Phone: 46 45145480
    Fax: 46 45145499

  • Skolverket (Swedish National Agency for Education)
    Head: Per Thullberg
    Address: Alstromergatan 12
    SE-106 20 Stockholm, Sweden
    Phone: 48(8) 52733200

  • Svenska Institutet (Swedish Institute)
    Head: Per Wastberg, Director-General
    Address: PO Box 7434, Skeppsbron 2
    SE-103 91 Stockholm, Sweden
    Phone: 46(8) 4537800
    Fax: 46(8) 207248

  • Information Service on Folk High School
    Address: PO Box 740
    SE-101 35 Stockholm, Sweden
    Phone: 46(8) 7960050
    Fax: 46(8) 218826

  • Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC), Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
    Head: Berit Olsson, Director
    Address: Sveavagen 20, SE-105 25 Stockholm
    Phone:  46(8) 6985314
    Fax: 46(8) 6985656
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