Authorities for Higher Education in Sweden

In Sweden, the parliament and the government, has the overall responsibility for higher education and research. It is parliament and government that decides what rules and regulations should be applied to higher education sector in Sweden.

Ministry of Education, Research and Culture

The Ministry of Education is in charge of everything associated with education and research, be it primary and secondary education or adult education, or higher education institutions. All the Universities fall beneath the Ministry of Education except Agricultural Sciences (SLU), which comes under the Ministry of Agriculture. The chief responsibility is the overall development and administration of higher education and research.

Role of Agencies in Swedish Higher Education Sector

There are a number of agencies involved in the higher education sector. Following are the agencies in Swedish Higher Education Sector:

Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersambetet) 

The Swedish Higher Education Authority is responsible for evaluating higher education. It acts as a supervisory authority for public sector higher education institutions, focuses on students rights, and grant degree awarding powers to the higher education institutions. It scrutinises the higher education institutions to ensure that they comply with the laws and statutes. 

Swedish National Board for Student Aid (Centrala studiestodsnamnden)

The Swedish National Board for Student Aid administers the student finance. It falls beneath the Ministry of Education and Research.

Suspensions Board for Higher Education (Hogskolans Avskiljandenamnd)

The Suspensions Board for Higher Education deals with the matters relating to the separation of students from higher education following complaints from vice-chancellors.

Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och hogskoleradet)

The Swedish Council for Higher Education gives information about higher education, manages and oversees the admission process to study programs on behalf of the higher education institutions, acknowledges the foreign qualifications, and encourages the involvement in international partnership.

Swedish Institute (Svenska institutet)

The Swedish Institute diffuse information about Sweden abroad and arranges international exchanges within the areas of culture, education and research.

Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsradet)

The Swedish Research Council encourages the advancement of basic research in Sweden to safeguard its international standard. The council caters to research funding, research policy issues and gives information about research.

Higher Education Appeals Board (Overklagandenamnden for hogskolan)

The Higher Education Appeals Board listens to the appeals and investigate about decisions related to the higher education sector as well as post-secondary education and training.

Student Aid Board of Appeals (Overklagandenamnden for studiestod)

The Board hear appeals pertaining to decisions by the Swedish National Board for Student Aid.

Other Authorities in Higher Education Sector

There are several authorities working in the higher education sector with responsibility for different fields:

University Chancellor's Office (UKA)

The University Chancellor Board is in charge of quality assessment of higher education, legal supervision of higher education, investigation and monitoring of matters related to the higher education sector.

University and College Council

The University and College Council is responsible for admission rules and regulations, Scholastic Aptitude Test and provides information about the university, assessment of foreign education. It also provides information about and support for international cooperation, collaboration and exchanges in all spheres of education. 

University Appeals Board (ENT)

The University Appeals Board hears appeals of certain decisions taken within the university sector and the advanced vocational education and training.

The Board of Student

The Board of Students hear appeals of Student Central Student Board's decision.
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